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C'était à New York, Agora Gallery

"Widely shown, published, and celebrated painter Stéphane Meier takes the viewer on a dive into crystalline pools of color-blocks and shapes. In his Kandinsky meets Rothko-style paintings, Meier’s geometric patterns are met with bricks, lines and whorls of color which offer a softening and dappling effect to the otherwise angular compositions. The range of his work is vast as he works with paper cut-outs, sculpture and paint, but many of his pieces reflect on a common theme: the passing of time and its effect on physical matter.

Meier’s sculptures feature various materials that he molds and shapes into structures tall and winding, looming and spindly. With his work, Meier aims to question the language of visuality seeking to “... identify the strength of the compositions, the dialogue of the layers, the nuances, the line, the trace.” Beginning his art practice as an inquiry into matter, Meier used various materials such as wood, mineral coatings, pigments, and metals to explore the mystery of how things came to be the way they are, their integrity and how they change over time. His style has evolved to a more abstract practice, using the pictorial plane to survey his influences, impressions, and memories." présentation Agora Gallery et sur ArtMine 2022

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