Stéphane Meier's work is part of an original approach where the canvas materializes as an object. His inspiration comes primarily from the effects of time, wear and corrosion that alter and or modify the subject matter. The sight of these transformations suggests for the artist a visual poetry of sorts that is integral throughout his body of work.

Like his obsession, which originates in matter, Stéphane Meier applies layers of pigmented mineral plasters onto an under-frame.


This personal technique allows him the freedom to integrate a piece of wood, metal or even paper where the ‘accident' materialises into a compositions that is evocative, symbolic and even mystical. In the thickness of the stroke, the artist is capable of working with the sheen, wear and the grain of the surface, he may also experiment with the transparency of superimposed thin layers and blurring contours, giving an elusive quality to the piece. Stéphane Meier's work takes root in the subject matter and takes us on a pictorial exploration where complex codes transform and open into a dreamlike universe.